Hello, you have found my wild and wacky little corner in Cyberspace. I am Charles Richard Lester, a musician and graphic artist.

This site is a repository for my pursuits of music, art, spirituality, and fun. Feel free to browse around. There's lots to look at and read, and I hope you enjoy yourself. That's what life's all about.


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        One Hundred Thirty-Seven






Things that go {{{OOO-EEEEEEE-OOO}}}
in the Night!

        The Theremin

        A Brief History of the Theremin

        Hear Some of My Work

        How I Fell in Love with the Theremin

        Theremin Updates

        A Fun Theremin Gig in Ojai

        Dr. Samuel Hoffman

        The First International Theremin Festival

        An Outdoor Theremin Jam Session

        A Theremin Rogues' Gallery

        Bob Moog Makes a House Call

        The Man of a Thousand Faces?!

        Dr. Albert Polsky

        A Mysterious Tube Theremin

        Albert Glinsky Book Signing

        “Command Performance” for Don Leslie

        The New Moog Etherwave Pro

        My First Corporate Sponsor, QSC Audio

        Bela Lugosi, Thereminist?!

        Live Performance at Ford Amphitheater, Hollywood

        Performances & Recording with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra


The Sound of Wind-Blown Pipes

        Pipe Organs

        Faith Lutheran

        Trinity Baptist

        The Temple of Music

        The Circuit-Riding Organist

        More Photos of Faith Lutheran Church, Inglewood, California

        The CASAVANT Dynamic Accentuator!

        Turn It Down!

        The Hammond Organ Lawsuits

        The Story of the Leslie Speaker

        The New Los Angeles Cathedral


Family Stuff

        My Family

        My Brother, the Pianist

        Christmas 2006

        Days of Yore


Furry & Feathered Friends
(Note: these are in random, not chronological order)

        Kitty Rescue!

        See My Doggies Shake a Leg!

        A Scary Close Call

        Oz Goes Bye-Bye

        Nikki, 1982-2002

        Oz, the Wonder Dog

        Oz's 10th Birthday Party Invitation

        Pix from Oz's 10th Birthday Party

        More New Pet Photos

        Our Pets' Palm Springs Thanksgiving Getaway

        A Bird Rescue Story

        Some Old Kitten Pix

        A Trip to the L. A. Zoo


Things that go vrrrrrrooo in the Night

        Vacuum Cleaner Obsession

        Cyberspace Vacuum Cleaner Museum

        “The Home for Wayward Vacuum Cleaners”

        “How Much Is Aunt Tillie's Old Sweeper Worth?”

        “Information on Popular Vacuum Cleaners” (a 1932 article)

        Machine-Buffing Aluminum Vacuum Cleaners

        Invasion of the Mutant Vacuum Cleaners!

        Glendale, California Vac-Shop Treasure Hunt

        Stan Kann

        Doug Smith Visits Stan Kann

        The Galaasen Vacuum Cleaner Collection

        A Visit with John Young

        The Linnell Collection

        Popular Vacuum Cleaners

              E L E C T R O L U X
        The History of American Electrolux
        Electrolux's First: The Model V
        Electrolux's Second Cleaner: The Model XI
        Model XXX Adoption
        An Electrolux XXX Found on eBay
        Model XXX Refurbishment
        Model XXX Retrofitted Disposable Bag Chamber
        Electrolux 1954 Model E
        Electrolux 1956 "Thrift" Model
        Electrolux Model AF Restoration
        Electrolux Model R
        The Tan Hospital G!
        George Nilson, Electrolux Salesman from 1947-1965
        Electrolux Cryogenics Capsule?!

              K I R B Y
        History of the Kirby “500 Series”
        Two Early Scott & Fetzers and one Vacuette Wireless”
        Mr. Westdave's Kirby
        The Kirby “Dual Sanitronic 50”
        Kirby 508 Renovation”
        Kirby 515 Serendipity”

              H O O V E R
        A Very Special Hoover Special
        Hoover 800
        Hoover Models 700 - 475 - 541
        Hoover 913
        Hoover Celebrity Vivesection
        The Hoover Bag Cleaner

              Other Sweepers from A to ... well, W!
        Airway 88 Mark-II
        Compact Model 1
        G.E. Roll-Easy
        Haley's Comet
        Lewyt 44
        Modern Hygiene
        Rexair Model B

              Floor Polishers
        A Pair of "Retro" Floor Polishers

        The Great American Garage Clean-up!
        The Great American Garage Clean-up - Part Two!
        Workshop Cleanup 2008
        The Great Sweeper Giveaway 2008 - The Offer
        The Great Sweeper Giveaway 2008 - The Acceptance

              Spring Cleaning
        Spring Clean 2001
        Spring Clean 2007


Funny Bone Department

        The World's Largest Spider

        The Hoover Flying Saucer?

        The Gastronomical Bean Story

        World's Most Dangerous Creature!



        Lavender farm near Ojai, CA

        Halloween 2004

        1950s Yellow Rotary Wall Phone


"My name is Bill W."

        A Public Service Announcement


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