Hello, you have found my wild and wacky little corner in Cyberspace. I am Charles Richard Lester, a musician and graphic artist.

This site is a repository for my pursuits of music, art, spirituality, and fun. Feel free to browse around. There's lots to look at and read, and I hope you enjoy yourself. That's what life's all about.


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        One Hundred Thirty-Seven


Things that go {{{OOO-EEEEEEE-OOO}}}
in the Night!

        The Theremin

        A Brief History of the Theremin

        How I Fell in Love with the Theremin

        Theremin Updates

        A Fun Theremin Gig in Ojai

        Dr. Samuel Hoffman

        The First International Theremin Festival

        An Outdoor Theremin Jam Session

        A Theremin Rogues' Gallery

        Bob Moog Makes a House Call

        The Man of a Thousand Faces?!

        Dr. Albert Polsky

        A Mysterious Tube Theremin

        Albert Glinsky Book Signing

        “Command Performance” for Don Leslie

        The New Moog Etherwave Pro

        My First Corporate Sponsor, QSC Audio

        Bela Lugosi, Thereminist?!

        Live Performance at Ford Amphitheater, Hollywood

        Performances & Recording with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra


"My name is Bill W."

        A Public Service Announcement


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